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Candle Flame Too High: Spiritual Meaning, Interpretation, & Omens

If you’ve ever lit a candle and watched the flame dance, you know how dazzling it can be. You may even have gotten entranced by a flame that grows taller bigger and higher, seemingly for no reason.

While some look at practical considerations, such as a wick being too long, people who use candles in ceremonies and rituals understand that a large candle flame means something more.

so, why is it so high? What is the spiritual meaning of a candle flame that is too high? What does it mean spiritually when your candle flame is so high/tall? Let us see..

Candle Flame Too High: Spiritual Meaning, Interpretation, & Omens

Candle Flame Too High: Spiritual Meaning, Interpretation, & Omens

When a candle flame seems unusually high, it is conveying an esoteric meaning. Spiritually speaking, a candle flame that is too high is considered a good omen.

Beliefs about tall candle flames vary among different cultures, but since fire is fed by air, the growth of a candle flame is largely believed to indicate added energy or breath coming into your working, amplifying the power of your spell.

High Candle Flame Meaning in Rituals

If you are conducting a ritual and the flame on one of the candles is unusually too high, it’s considered a good sign. Whatever your ritual may be, the heightened candle flame indicates the presence of additional spiritual guides.

For example, if the ritual is an initiation or baptism, an unusually high flame means that ancestors or protective Spirits are around. They want to make their presence known and use the candle flame to do so.

A Tall candle flame in ritual may also signal other meanings as well. Pay attention to the symbolism of the specific candle. If the candle is a green candle, for example, it means your ritual is bringing greater success than you may expect.

Candle Flame Too High: Meaning in Magic

Perhaps you’ve been in the midst of casting a magic spell using candles only to notice that the flames on one or all of the candles seem to shoot up several inches higher than normal. An unusually high candle flame in magic is usually considered a good sign.

This omen indicates your magic is being aided by powerful spirits and is likely to bring success. Some believe a tall candle flame is “fighting” against obstacles. For instance, if negative forces are trying to stop you in pursuit of your goals, a too high candle flame means the magic you are creating is working hard to bypass these obstructions.

Your path to success may be riddled with challenges, but in the end, you will prevail. The magic spell you are weaving is calling on powerful entities and the higher candle flame shows you that you can expect to win the battle in the long run.

Sometimes, a candle flame that is too high will flicker or show other signs that seem unusual. This also indicates you are defeating the odds. Your will is strong and it takes much effort to get what you need, but the candle flame shows that perseverance is your key to winning.

You may have to assert yourself or keep pushing back in the face of unexpected obstacles, but your persistence pays off. A candle flame that is too high shows you that you are bound to succeed but you mustn’t give up.

Negative Spiritual Interpretations when a Candle Flame is Too High – A Bad Omen?

candle flame too high meaning spiritual

Though most incidences of a candle flame being unusually high points toward a good omen, there are some who view this phenomenon in a negative way. Some people believe a candle flame that surges high above the wick points to energy or time being wasted.

You may prevail, but in this view, you are putting too much effort into accomplishing something that is not ultimately worthwhile. A high candle flame in this regard is seen as a warning that you should consolidate your efforts and not waste energy.

Other negative interpretations/meanings of a candle flame being too high include the belief that this phenomenon means you are fighting a losing battle. Your willpower can serve you if put to better use rather than pursuing the path you are on. If you are working magic, this perspective indicates what you are trying to attract is not really the answer to your problems. Another tactic is needed.

Some people fear this phenomenon because they are wary of the spirits that may be responsible for manipulating the candle flame. For some occult practitioners, the unusually large/high candle flame represents malicious spirits being trapped within the candle so they can not do harm, for example.


Now that you know the meaning of a candle flame that has grown too high, you know there is usually nothing to fear. Most of the interpretations of this phenomenon are positive and indicate strong energy and spiritual guidance.

In the few perspectives that see this as a bad omen, the worst consideration is you may be wasting your time and change may be needed. Yet more often than not, people interpret a high candle flame as a message that you need to persevere in order to achieve your dreams.

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