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The Spiritual Meaning Of Sneezing: Symbolism Based on Number of sneezes

Whether you consider it normal or startling, sneezing is universally recognized as a notable phenomenon. Cultures throughout time and around the world have had strong beliefs about sneezing. From the belief that a sneeze forces evil spirits from your body, to the belief that sneezing is a sign of bad luck, this act is the subject of much lore.

Even in modern-day, when we understand so much more about why we sneeze, people still feel compelled to say “God bless you!” or “Salud!” or other similar replies whenever someone around sneezes. This is connected to beliefs about sneezing being unlucky or a sign of danger.

But not all beliefs about sneezing are negative. Some cultures and beliefs attribute specific prophecies based on the number of times you sneeze. You can also combine beliefs about the act of sneezing with the understanding of numerology to understand the significance of multiple sneezes.

So, what is the spiritual meaning of sneezing? What does it mean when you sneeze twice? What about sneezing 3 times? Does sneezing mean someone is thinking of you? Let us see everything..

The Spiritual meaning of Sneezing: What does it symbolize?

Spiritual meaning of Sneezing

The act of sneezing has been the source of lore worldwide for centuries. Generally, most cultures consider sneezing bad luck. It’s also considered a sign that you are expelling evil spirits or malefic energy from your body.

Some even believe that when you sneeze, your soul is temporarily pushed out of your body. It’s no wonder this powerful and often involuntary activity inspires so many associations with negative events and misfortunes. An old Polish belief is that sneezing means a difficult relationship is in store with your current or future mother-in-law. Various cultures view sneezing as an indicator of bad luck or the presence of malevolent spirits.

Spiritual Meaning of Sneezing vs Number of Sneezes

From beliefs about sneezing while getting dressed being bad luck to beliefs that sneezing at certain times of day can indicate good or bad luck, you may be surprised to learn that this common act has so much folklore attached to it. What’s more, the number of times you sneeze also has specific meanings.

East Asian cultures believe that sneezing in general means someone is talking about you. For more nuances about the nature of the gossip, you would pay attention to the number of times you sneeze. For instance, one sneeze is viewed as a sign that someone is talking about you in a good way. Sneezing twice means someone is speaking negatively about you. Three sneezes indicate a love interest is thinking of you and four sneezes portend bad luck. 

Biblical Meaning of Sneezing: Sneeze Spiritual Meaning in the Bible

In some Bible references, sneezing is noted to represent repentance. There is also a story from 2 Kings 4:35, a child named Elisha is said to have sneezed seven times. The number seven is important in Christian theology and therefore this is believed to be a sign of spiritual purification in addition to repentance.

According to this story, Elisha sneezing several times results in a resurrection of the dead. Yet some translations claim the proper term should be “breathed” and not “sneezed.” Still, you can recognize how sneezing, which forces air out of the nose, is in some ways the opposite of breathing in.

Thus, if breathing is associated with spiritual alignment, as it is in many traditions, then sneezing is a symbol of banishment. The number seven can also be associated with Christ energy, enlightenment and Divine protection.

Various Spiritual Beliefs about Sneeze – Meanings

What does it mean when you sneeze twice? What does it mean when you sneeze 3 times?

Though the study of numerology can elicit further attributions with specific numbers, it is important to note that specific cultures have symbolic meanings attributed to particular numbers.

For example, in Hindu culture, the number eight is significant as a number associated with abundance, whereas in numerology it is universally associated with initiation, power, and rebirth.

Therefore, the number of times someone sneezes can have nuanced meanings through different systems. One sneeze may be seen as a cleansing process or suggest that you are ridding your negative energy.

But sneezing twice, since the number two is associated with balance and partnership, suggests something must be cleansed or purged between yourself and a partner. It may also suggest negative energy looming in a partnership.

If you sneeze three times, you may have just cleared roadblocks that can now help you expand in new directions in your work. Sneezing four times can suggest you are involved in a power struggle with someone over territory or status.

Others believe that in addition to the number of sneezes, you should also note the time a sneeze occurs and refer to the beliefs related to Angel Numbers to discern the message you’re receiving.

Folklore, Numerology and Sneezing

It’s easy to understand some of the older folk sayings that are related to sneezing. However, most Folklore has been handed down through the generation suggesting the act of sneezing is something ominous.

Numerology also shows important meanings that can relate to sneezing. Often, it is believed that the more you are sneezing (notice the negative association with sneezing five, six, or seven times in a row), the worse the “luck” or the more negative the energy is around you.

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