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What’s the Story Behind the ‘YuNg BrAtZ’ Cover Art?

In music, album artwork and cover photos are essential to an artist’s brand and message. They often serve as a visual representation of the music, setting the tone for what listeners can expect from the album.

One cover photo that has gained significant attention and sparked curiosity among fans is the cover of the 2017 single “YuNg BrAtZ” by XXXTentacion. The artwork, featuring a distorted image of the late rapper’s face, has become iconic in its own right.

But what is the story behind this cover photo, and what does it say about the music and legacy of XXXTentacion? This article delves into everything you need to know about the “Yung Bratz” cover photo and its meaning.

A Fight That Led to the Cover Photo of “Yung Bratz”:

“YuNg BrAtZ” was released by XXXTentacion on May 13, 2017. The song is known for its aggressive and intense style, with XXXTentacion delivering his lyrics in a rapid-fire flow. However, the cover photo of this song is what, that raised the eyebrows of many people.

Well, the image used for the “Yung Bratz” cover art was taken from a video of a fight involving XXXTentacion. The video shows XXXTentacion and some friends fighting with a rival group. In the video, XXXTentacion can be seen punching one of the people he’s fighting with. The moment he punched his opponent was captured and later used as the cover art for “Yung Bratz.”

Yung Bratz cover photo

The song and its cover art quickly gained popularity among fans, with many praising XXXTentacion’s raw and emotional performance. It is still one of the iconic rap songs today, and its popularity is likely not declining.

So, What’s the Fight Story Behind XXXTentacion’s ‘Yung Bratz’ Cover Art?

Now let’s talk about the story behind the cover photo.

The story of the fight is rather interesting. Another rapper, Lyndon, contacted XXXTentacion on Twitter and asked him for a feature verse for one of his songs. XXXTentacion initially agreed to discuss this potential collaboration further, but that will come at a cost. They agreed on $500 for the collaboration, which Lyndon paid in cash. It is important to mention that XXXTentacion was not as famous in 2016 as he became the following year. These types of collaborations were rather common for him during that period. But days passed, and the deadline they commonly established went with them, while Lyndon never got the feature verse from XXXTentacion.

The Twitter rapper kept messaging XXXTentacion with questions about the feature verse transaction but was ignored for a few weeks. Eventually, as he was tired of waiting, Lyndon contacted the manager of XXXTentacion via email and explained the entire situation.

According to the email, Lyndon was not interested in the feature verse but wanted a full refund of his $500. When XXXTentacion heard about Lyndon getting in touch with his manager, he offered a threatening response: “Next time I’ll see you, I’ll slap you.”. Lyndon went to the next concert of XXXTentacion and met him backstage after the performance. This was when the fight took place and where the video was taken. The fight between XXXTentacion and Lyndon went viral, but few connected this altercation and the cover photo of “Yung Bratz.”

It is unclear who initiated the fight and what Lyndon’s intentions were when he attended the concert of XXXTentacion. But afterward, XXXTentacion was supported by his fans, as many thought that without a contract, the transaction wasn’t valid in the first place.

Some people found X to be at fault for this episode as, ultimately, it is a matter of subjective opinion, given the facts. Ultimately, XXXTentacion gained much popularity due to this event and the cover photo of “Yung Bratz.”

Yung Bratz’ Cover Art Explained: The Meaning Behind the Cover Photo

The cover photo for “YuNg BrAtZ” has become iconic in its own right. The distorted image of XXXTentacion’s face is meant to represent the raw and intense nature of the song. The image is dark and aggressive, just like the song itself. However, some fans have also interpreted the cover photo as a symbol of XXXTentacion’s inner turmoil and pain. The image is distorted and twisted, just like XXXTentacion’s emotions.

The controversy surrounding the image has kept its popularity strong. Fans of XXXTentacion continue to use the image on social media and other platforms, and it has become a fixture of the rapper’s brand. The image has been used in merchandise, posters, and other promotional materials, and it continues to resonate with fans drawn to the rapper’s raw and emotional style.

Final thoughts

The “YuNg BrAtZ” cover photo is a powerful and symbolic representation of XXXTentacion’s music and legacy. Whether you’re a fan of XXXTentacion or just curious about the story behind this cover photo, we hope this article has given you everything you need to know about the “Yung Bratz” cover photo and the story behind it. 

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