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7 Famous Celebrities With Short Necks

Have you ever found yourself looking at a celebrity on the red carpet, or perhaps during a performance, and all you can see is their head and shoulders – where did their neck go?

The truth is, not everyone has the exact neck size, and some are just born with a shorter neck. We thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at famous celebrities that are known to have short necks.

So, Here is a list of celebrities who have short necks.

7 Famous Short Neck Celebrities who have relatively No Neck

1. Benzino

Sister Circle via wiki commons

One of the popular celebrities who have a short neck is Ray Benzino. Ray Benzino, or Raymond Leon Scott, has become quite popular for his appearances on TV. He is a record producer and a well-known rapper, born in Boston, Massachusetts. Benzino primarily focuses on hip-hop genres with his work, but he is also the co-owner of The Source, a popular magazine in the United States.

When you take a closer look at Benzino, there’s one thing that you will notice – he has quite a short neck! In fact, some people even say that it seems like Benzino does not even have a neck.

2. Danny DeVito

Gage Skidmore via wiki commons cc2.0

Who doesn’t love Danny DeVito? He’s funny and entertaining, and let’s not forget short! Danny DeVito was born in 1944 in New Jersey. His parents are Italian American. Since the 1900s, Danny has made a name for himself, with appearances in the likes of Matilda, Batman Returns, and more recently, he had a big role in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Of course, we all know that Danny DeVito is short – it’s something that he has even taken advantage of in several of his appearances on TV. But, take a closer look at you’ll also notice that this famous celebrity is one of those who seems to have no neck at all, making him a definite addition to our list of celebrities with short necks.

3. Aubrey O’Day

Arthur via wiki commons cc2.0

One that you might not really think of when talking about short necks is Aubrey O’Day. Known for the work she did as part of Danity Kane, a girl group, Aubrey is talented as both a TV personality and a singer.

Above all, a closer look at her photos, and you’ll start to realize that she also has quite a short neck. It’s just something that we often overlook due to the way she usually dresses.

4. Sheryl Underwood

The next celebrity on our list, who has a relatively short neck, is Sheryl Underwood. One thing that we know about Sheryl Underwood is that she can really do comedy. She’s beloved for her comedian acts but is also known as a television host. Sheryl was born in 1963, and her most notable work includes The Talk. She’s also appeared in several stand-up shows and has been working on her career in media since 1988.

Take a closer look at Sheryl Underwood, and you’ll start to notice why she also deserves to be on this list. Sheryl does have a relatively short neck, similar to the other famous celebrities that we looked at thus far.

5. Lavell Crawford

Another comedian on our list of celebrities with short necks would certainly be Lavell Crawford. He is an American comedian and is also known for his work as an actor. Lavell was born in 1968 and his career started to take off in the 1990s. You might have seen Lavell in breaking Bad, The Ridiculous 6, and Better Call Saul.

Some would agree that it is Lavell’s weight that might be the reason (for his no-neck look), but generally, he is also considered to be one of those celebrities with short necks.

6. Raini Rodriguez

If you’re an avid Disney fan or grew up watching the Disney Channel, then you probably know Raini Rodriguez. Now tell me, how many of you have observed the short neck of Raini?

Raini is both a talented actress and a great singer. She played the role of Trish in Austin & Ally, and has gone from being an actor to working as a really good director in the modern day. She is funny and entertaining, and one of those who appear to have shoulders and a head, and we have to do some extra peeking to really observe her short neck.

7. CeeLo Green

Gage Skidmore via Wikicommons cc2.0

Back to the rappers, we’ve got CeeLo Green, or Thomas DeCarlo Callaway-Burton, who seems to have a short neck. CeeLo is an American rapper and record producer, and have also done some work as an actor. He was born in 1975 and had quite a tough life growing up, but he was able to push through and make something of himself.

As CeeLo stands on the stage, one thing that we cannot ignore is the fact that it seems like his neck is hiding away. That definitely earns him a spot on our list.


From Danny DeVito to the beloved Sheryl Underwood, there are actually a lot of celebrities who seem to have very short necks. We looked at some of the most famous ones that you might not have noticed before.

But, of course, a short neck doesn’t mean they don’t entertain – and let’s face it, some of these are celebrities that millions of people look up to.

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