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What Do Gomez And Morticia Call Each Other In Addams Family?

Everybody loves the dark, gothic family that we’ve come to know as The Addams Family.

With the huge success of Wednesday on Netflix, people have refound their love for this franchise. While the focus of the new show is on Wednesday, we at least got a few glimpses of the beloved Morticia and, let’s not forget Gomez.

Now if you’ve been an avid follower of the franchise, you already know they have pet names for each other. But today we’ll explore them in more detail. So, What does Morticia call Gomez? On the other hand, What Gomez calls Morticia? Also, what do their nicknames mean? Let’s find out.

What Does Morticia Call Gomez?

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Let’s start with Morticia, an iconic character that really helps to set the vibe that the franchise aims for. Morticia and Gomez have become legends of romance, with the two almost never shot with their hands off each other.

Morticia is a woman of many talents. And languages. Thus, we often hear her speak out to Gomez in more than just English. She has also been known to have multiple pet names for Gomez, so let’s go into a bit more detail about them.

1. Bubeleh

Bubeleh is a rather common one that she often uses when talking to Gomez. It’s actually a word from the Yiddish language, and it translates to “darling” – an excellent way for her to showcase her affection toward Gomez.

Apart from darling, the word Bubeleh also translates to “sweetie”. The word is still used by many older Jews, as well as those with Ashkenazi heritage. The fact that they have included this term as part of The Addams Family just goes to show how much effort and research was put into the writing of the franchise.

2. Mon Amour

You may have heard Morticia call Gomez “Mon Amour” on a few episodes too. Mon Amour is actually a popular French term and often one that people look up to when they want to have a special way of addressing their partner.

It’s also one of those phrases you’ll easily recognize if you ever look at lists that focus on ways to address your loved one in different languages. The direct translation of Mon Amour is “my love” – a perfect way of calling that special someone in your life, which makes perfect sense for the case of Morticia.

3. Mon Cher

At times, Morticia also uses the nickname “Mon Cher” to call Gomez. This particular term is often used as a French expression that resembles either love or endearment.

Mon cher is also a great way of addressing someone important to you, as it translates to “my dear”. With this said, it’s often used to express these feelings toward men – which perfectly fits in with how it’s used in The Addams Family.

Both terms, “Mon Amour” and “Mon Cher” are of French origin. French is something that adds some extra spark to the show. We have seen Morticia speaking French to Gomez multiple times. Whenever she does this, the reaction from Gomez is truly priceless. The show portrays Gomez as being aroused to cases where Morticia turns to her French side.

There are actually a couple of times where Morticia also portrays her love for Gomez in French. “Je t’aime”, for example, is something that Morticia has said a couple of times. This particular term is French for “I love you.”

4. Querido

Well, you’ve probably witnessed a couple of moments where Morticia actually also speaks Spanish when talking to Gomez. In accordance with her skills in this language, it’s only natural that she has a Spanish pet name for her beloved husband too.

Querido is the term she generally uses when speaking to Gomez in this sense. It translates simply to “dear”, but also has a strong link to the word “beloved”. In some contexts, the word querido can also be used to refer to a lover.

What Does Gomez Call Morticia?

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Gomez is just as iconic as Morticia, and when you watch the show, it’s easy to see that he has a lot of passion for his wife. When it comes to nicknames and pet names, however, Gomez is known to use a single one in most cases.

1. Cara Mia

You might remember hearing Gomez call Morticia “Cara Mia”. It’s actually an Italian word – and given the fact that Gomez is portrayed as an Italian in the franchise, it makes perfect sense for him to use a native word when addressing his love. Cara Mia translates to “my dear” in English, which has a similar meaning to the pet names that Morticia uses when she speaks to Gomez.

Whether the pet names will continue in the upcoming season of Wednesday is something we don’t know yet, but it’s likely to remain part of the franchise.


From Mon Cher to Querido, we’ve heard a lot of “pet names” being exchanged between Morticia and Gomez, two legendary characters from The Adams Family. While the words are from different languages and have various meanings, they do seem to resemble a love shared between the two characters.

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