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Did Jennifer Hudson Have Weight Loss Surgery?

From being eliminated while competing on American Idol to hosting her very own TV show, Jennifer Hudson is one of those powerful women who knows how to make it big and overcome the challenges that life throws her way.

As we’ve observed her progress over the last two decades, there’s one thing that we can clearly see. She’s lost a lot of weight and looks better than ever, but this raises the question of whether Jennifer Hudson had weight loss surgery.

So, Did Jennifer Hudson have a weight loss surgery? How did she lose weight? Is there any truth behind her weight loss surgery rumors? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out in this article.

Did Jennifer Hudson Have Weight Loss Surgery? The Truth Amidst Rumors

If you take a closer look at Jennifer Hudson over the last two decades, you’ll notice something interesting.

When she just started to make a name for herself, she was certainly on the heavier side, especially if you compare photos to how she looks now. Today, Jennifer has a slender body, and she looks great.

The transition that Hudson has gone through over these years has sparked a lot of interest among fans. Specifically, people want to know if she underwent weight loss surgery.

There have been a lot of rumors about whether or not she had surgery to help with her weight loss. Some publications reported that Hudson opted for bariatric surgery. This is a type of surgery that’s sometimes used as an intervention when weight and food problems become major concerns for someone.

However, Hudson has not confirmed this but instead did reveal details about what many consider her magical transformation.

Jennifer Hudstand told one person during an interview, “People somehow try to find a way to try to discredit you.”. She was asked about the fact that many people were saying she had bariatric surgery.

Likewise, some speculations also mentioned that she could have undergone lap band surgery to help with her weight loss transformation. However, it’s important to understand where these theories and rumors started, and the origin can be traced back to 2012. When Hudson appeared on an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, she admitted that she did have a surgical procedure previously.

The reason for the surgery was, according to Hudson, not related to her weight. Instead, she admitted to having work done on her lip, noting that it was due to lighting effects when she shot a video with Beyonce.

So, How Did Jennifer Hudson Lose Weight?

Jennifer Hudson Before and After

We’ve determined that Hudson did opt for a surgical procedure, but she mentioned that it had nothing to do with her transformation. So, how did she lose all of those pounds, and go from a size 16 to a six?

Hudson has actually shared her secrets with her fans after becoming public with the fact that she decided to join a weight loss support group. The group is called Weight Watchers and has become quite popular throughout the world.

She was part of the group for four years and decided to stop following them by 2014. By the time she left Weight Watchers, Hudson had already achieved the goal that she set out to achieve. She was happy with her weight at the time, and decided to focus more on keeping off the weight going into the future.

After her transformation, Hudson actually appeared in several interviews where she talked about the weight loss journey. She would even share some of the tips that have helped her achieve success during these interviews. Some of these tips included how she was able to cope with temptations, why it’s important to start slow when making changes to your diet, and more.

Apart from making changes to her diet, Hudson also confirmed that she decided to work out on a regular basis. The increase in her physical activity helped her burn excess calories and was a major contributor to the success she was able to achieve throughout her weight loss journey.

She even went so far as to share details about how her diet looked like when she was losing weight, as well as give more insight into the exercises that became part of her lifestyle.

Final Verdict

Even though many people thought Jennifer Hudson decided to get surgery for her weight loss goals, it seems like these have all just been rumors. If you’ve been following Hudson for a while, then you’ve likely seen her share several of her weight loss tips with her fans.

After working with Weight Watchers for four years, she was able to reach a weight that she felt happy with, and now simply continues to focus on working to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A lot of fans consider all of this inspiration.

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