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What does a Double Rainbow Mean? | Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

The appearance of a double rainbow represents the power of color, vibration and subtle energy. In fact, there is a sacredness which accompanies two rainbows – one for the material and physical realm and one for the spiritual and energetic world.

So, is seeing a double rainbow good luck?

Is it a sign of something from the universe?

What does a double rainbow mean actually and What is the spiritual meaning of seeing it? Let us find out today..

What does a Double Rainbow Mean? Spiritual Meaning of the Double Rainbow:

what does a double rainbow mean?
Image: Wikimedia commons cc3.0

From a spiritual perspective, a double rainbow is all about new beginnings and transformations.

When a double rainbow appears in your life it is presenting you with an opportunity for growth, self-discovery, and evolution. Thus It brings a magical energy into your world, the energies of peace & prosperity, abundance, sacredness and success.

There is something extraordinary about having a double rainbow appear in your life, and this is due to the symbolism inherent.

Spiritually, the first rainbow represents the material world, physical reality or manifestation of some sort on the earth plane. On the other hand, the second rainbow is symbolic of spirit, another dimension of consciousness and a more subtle way of being.

Thus, the two rainbows are the merging and balance of ‘Heaven and Earth;’ material and spiritual. This is true when we look at ancient systems and cultures. In Norse Mythology, the double rainbow is seen to represent heaven and earth; acting as a bridge between two worlds. In Eastern cultures too, the double rainbow is believed as a sign of good fortune, luck, and prosperity.

Although this is the key to understanding the spiritual essence and meaning of this unique rainbow… When it shows itself, it is sending ‘you’ a sign.

The Signs and Messages of the Double Rainbow & The Double Rainbow Symbolism:

Life itself seeks to send us messages. We are not disconnected from the natural world and universe as a whole, but we are connected to it. We are one with life.

However, not many people recognize our interconnectedness with nature and the invisible, yet very real, energy which flows through all living things.

Thus, when we are presented with truly magical and miraculous displays of nature, it is important to slow down and look to its potential meaning, energetic symbolism, and spiritual significance.

So if you ask me what a double rainbow is signaling you, Let me tell you, you are being asked to follow your heart’s desires and align with your true self.

Perhaps you have lost touch with your dreams, innermost aspirations, and spiritual yearnings. Maybe you have become so rooted in a physical or materialistic reality or way of being. Maybe that you have become out of tune with your inner spirit, your soul, or your true self.

Double Rainbow Symbolism and signs

Thus there is a strong sense of life purpose associated with the double rainbow.

From a positive perspective, the universe may also be trying to tell you that success is near, or that a celebration is in order. You may have been working hard, committed to your goals/dreams, and aligned with your spiritual path or sense of service. As a result, now you are being rewarded, and good fortune, prosperity, and fresh chapters are ahead.

However, you need to remember that the message of the double rainbow applies to you specifically and is definitely a sign of positive change, transformation & abundance coming!

Double Rainbow Meaning in Love:

When you see a double rainbow, the significance of this symbol is positive for you with respect to your love life. The double rainbow is a symbol of your partnership coming full circle. You may have new light shed upon an important matter in your love life.

The number two signifies partnership. If you have been looking for love, the double rainbow reassures you that love is on the horizon. If you have been struggling with your partner, the double rainbow reminds you that you both enhance each other’s lives.

Double Rainbow Meaning with Respect to Death:

When it comes to the symbolism of a double rainbow, you can see this sign as an indication that you have an ongoing connection with the spirit world. Some people use the allegory of a “Rainbow Bridge” to describe their ongoing connection to their deceased pets. The double rainbow offers the same symbolic connection to those who have passed on in general.

When you are in a rough spot personally, seeing a double rainbow means someone who has died is watching over you. When you see a double rainbow at the memorial or funeral services of a deceased loved one, it is a good sign that you are being visited spiritually. The double rainbow related to death offers a symbol of hope and a reminder you are not alone.

Till now, we have discussed the meaning of a double rainbow from a spiritual perspective. Now let us move on and see what the mythology and religion is saying about this rare double rainbow.

Mythological and Religious Meaning of a Double Rainbow:

The rainbow/double rainbow, as you may be aware has strong links to the mythological and ancient creature- the leprechaun. It says that there is a ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow, and it is yours to keep!

Mythological and Religious Meaning of a Double Rainbow

Yet, this is not just a fantasy or illusion, there is some deep truth in this well-known expression. The Sun is symbolic of energy, vitality, gold, success expression, life force, and vitality. At the same time, the rainbow is symbolic of 7 major colors in our color spectrum, with each color having a unique energetic frequency.

So, when we apply this to mythological thought, it is not that imaginary to perceive that there really is gold awaiting at the end of the rainbow. Thus the physical manifestation of a double rainbow represents success, transformation and unity – as it is a merging and harmony of all the main colors. This, in essence, is symbolic of light.

In fact, this is where the term ‘enlightenment’ comes from, it is finding the light and seeing the light within.

So whatever may be the mythology, there is a very magical quality to rainbows and furthermore applying the double rainbow meaning of heaven and earth, material and spiritual can only allow us to pay extra attention to the messages wishing to be learned and integrated.

The same is true in many biblical and religious schools of thought. There is always a divine light sign and symbolism associated with seeing a rainbow/double rainbow; it connects us to our inner divinity.

Biblical Meaning of Double Rainbow: What does a Double rainbow mean in the bible?

Though the Bible does not specifically mention double rainbows as a symbol, people make the connection between the rare and miraculous double rainbow phenomenon and the protection God provides. The double rainbow is a symbol of God’s love for the world and of creation and safety from destruction.

Also in the Bible, God sends a rainbow after the great flood that destroys all life not on Noah’s Ark. The rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise to mankind to never again destroy his creations in such a way. Double rainbows are thought to be a symbol of this covenant as well.

Various other Spiritual Meanings and Cultural Beliefs of a Double Rainbow:

Some believe that in Islam, seeing a double rainbow is a reminder of God’s power and strength. It is also said to be a symbol of the interaction between humanity and the divine. In ancient Polynesian culture, the rainbow was thought of as a bridge leading to Heaven.

This type of belief appears in many different cultures. Rainbows are seen as a conduit between the world of humans and the spiritual realm. Thus, a double rainbow adds extra power to this connection with the divine and the afterlife.

To the Aboriginal people of Australia, a primordial Rainbow Serpent is essential to the creation story. Though this story does not include a double rainbow specifically, the meaning of rainbow as a symbol of creativity and life is amplified when you see a double rainbow.

In Africa, the Mbuti people honor a God named Khonvoum who is depicted with a bow in the shape of a rainbow. This deity is also revered as a creator God and thus the rainbow continues to symbolize life and growth. The double rainbow can be seen as a symbol of life coming from the Creator and then death as a continued cycle returning us to the spiritual realm.

In New Zealand, a rainbow was considered lucky if it appeared spanning over a group going to battle. A double rainbow can be said to bring twice the good fortune and success in your endeavors. Whatever personal battles you’re fighting, you are being protected and luck is on its way.

Ancient Norse writings also teach of a burning rainbow bridge that connects to Asgard, and so the meaning is similar. Double rainbows also remind you that there are numerous planes of existence, earth being only one of them.

In ancient Greece, Iris is the Goddess of the rainbow and is often depicted using this symbol. The rainbow often merges the meanings of rain, or abundance, cleansing and healing, with the meaning of light and the sun. As such, the double rainbow is associated with alchemy and transformation.

To see a double rainbow in many cultures amplifies the message and association of seeing one rainbow. Thus in almost every culture, the double rainbow would bring an additional boost of good luck as well as growth, intense transformation, connection to the other realms, protection, and success.

Even in cultures in which a double rainbow is associated with death, it is not a bad omen. It is not a sign that your death is near, but rather is a symbol of the passageway between earth and the spiritual realms. Thus, it is a positive reminder that loved ones and ancestors are never far away from you at any time.

So, what a Double Rainbow signifies? Color, Healing and Vibration – Coming ‘Full Circle!’:

double rainbow religious and mythological significance

A double rainbow brings feelings and qualities of balance, harmony, healing and unity; it is a divine representation of all 7 major colors and its holistic and encompassing expression of light.

Being true to yourself, trusting in both yourself and the universe, and taking steps to follow your dreams and goals- or continue to stay committed to them- will allow you to overcome any shadow or darkness holding you back and step fully into your own ‘rainbow body.’ Your rainbow body is the balanced, whole and integrated version of yourself. It is the best possible version of you.

Looking at the energetic meanings and associations of the major colors can aid greatly in your further understanding of the double rainbow.

We are all intrinsically connected to the natural world and one with nature, Are we not? The double rainbow is a manifestation of you, your soul, and your powerful spirit.

Grace Gabriella Puskas is a Reiki master teacher and a published author who lives in Lincolnshire, U.K. She completed her diploma at "The School of Natural Sciences" and is a qualified Dream Therapist, Chi Kung Practitioner, Crystal Therapist & a Shamanic Practitioner.  Currently, she leads a number of workshops, circles, events on self - empowerment, spiritual development & psychic development and regularly offers psychic readings to people. Grace is the author of 'A Message from Source,' (An Amazon published physical book) and loves writing to several top magazines.

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