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Everything to know about the Twin Flame Meditation

Before exploring the Twin Flame Meditation it is first important to take note of a key foundational topic, for our own insight and full understanding.

There is so much talk nowadays about soulmates and twin flames, so what makes a twin flame connection so different from a soulmate connection? The answer is arguably down to personal experience and belief systems, as a twin flame is a “New Age” concept.

However, as someone who is naturally on a spiritual path, and gone through a timeline of traditional teachings, energetic attunements, and qualifications; it is clear from my level of understanding that there is a major difference.

Soulmates come into our lives from birth to our final day in this earth journey and they can present themselves in many different ways. It is, of course, not until our young or mid adult lives that we recognize the presence and importance of soulmates, but the fact that they do appear throughout the course of our lives portrays that there is a significant difference between a soulmate and a twin flame.

In short, we only have one twin flame and it is a very special connection.

Twin Flame: The Essence. What is a Twin Flame?

Twin flame meditation

Your twin flame is your soul’s counterpart- your life partner, true love or perfect match. It is the one person you have chosen, on a soul level, to journey with. This connection extends beyond this one lifetime and goes back to your entire soul’s journey. You have known each other from times before and will always know each other.

Unlike a soulmate who is here to teach us something about ourselves, or provide a great lesson for growth and self-evolution, our twin flame is our perfect match. What do we mean when we say perfect match? This does not mean that you and your twin flame come together without doing the inner work. You both will have gone on your own self- healing journey to get to where you are when you meet – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. A twin flame is your true love, yet you can’t experience true love until you have found that love within. You need to become whole and complete within whilst achieving a state of spiritual maturity before you and your twin flame can meet in this lifetime.

They can further be seen as the yin to your yang, or the yang to your yin! Twin flame love is a very rare and deep bond as it is an attraction and love which exists beyond the physical. There will be profound moments of telepathy between you and you both will most likely have a shared mission in this life. Twin flames can be seen as power couples.

So why is all of this important to know, and how does it relate to the Twin Flame Meditation? Well, it is very significant! All the wisdom briefly shared above can be used as intentions during the meditation to further expand your connection.

A bond is a bond, and you will already have a deep twin flame bond before engaging in shared meditation. The purpose of the meditation, therefore, is to enhance and develop it, drawing on the innate qualities of your twin flame relationship to strengthen your connection. The Twin Flame Meditation can be a very magical experience.

Spiritual & Psychological Aspects of the Twin Flame Meditation:

twin flame telepathy meditation

Two of the most profound results of Twin Flame Meditation are the effects it has on a spiritual and psychological level. Let’s explore these at face value.

  • Telepathic connection: The telepathy twin flames share, is on par with the distinction between Muggles and magicians, and mortals and immortals! It is very rare. Telepathy may seem like a distant dream, but for twin flames, it is a very real reality. Twin flames know each other- mind, body, spirit and soul; nothing can go past them. They are so connected on a subtle and energetic level that it is almost like they share one body. Like snakes who sense subtle vibrations through their tongues, a relationship with a twin flame exists on a different plane and frequency altogether (whilst still being highly grounded!). Telepathic communication is achievable and the Twin Flame Meditation can enhance this, powerfully. The meditation literally increases the subtle energetic chord which exists between two twin flame partners. Your energy bodies’ merge and mesh in a very unique way.
  • Mental and emotional connection: The mental and emotional connection between you and your twin flame is also very unique and profound. Unlike with soulmates or your closest friends or family, you and your twin “get” each other. You often will just need to show a brief facial expression, moment of eye contact or subtle movement to be able to communicate your deepest thoughts or feelings. There is literally no disconnection from you and it is as if there is an invisible chord holding all your different ‘bodies’ together. (Mental body, emotional body, physical body and spiritual body.) On a level, there is! During the meditation, therefore, the connection increases. You essentially become attuned to each other. It is a sensation which words cannot do justice…
  • Past life memories: Because the Twin Flame Meditation connects your subtle energy bodies and activates your consciousness, past life memories can be triggered and sparked. The key to remember with a shared meditation between twin flames is that your souls’ knew each other from times before. You are, quite simply, connected through time and space. As meditation fills you up with an empty space which activates both your cells and DNA and your conscious mind (through the subconscious and unconscious minds), this also has a considerable effect on any shared memories you may hold together. During meditation, your spiritual bodies are highly active, even if your intentions and thoughts are focused on your mental, emotional, telepathic or any other connection. There is always a “behind the scenes” bond and unity occurring which means you become energetically entwined. Becoming energetically entwined is a key phrase associated with the Twin Flame Meditation.
  • Awareness of shared mission or life purpose together: Because twin flames come together when each partner is healed and balanced or whole within, there will always be an element of a shared mission or soul purpose together. This is because we all have a timeless aspect of ourselves which knows, on a core level, what we came here to do in this lifetime. We can call this destiny, soul path, life path, soul or life mission, or fate, but regardless of the choice of words, the essence is always the same. Twin flames share this service or vibration as they exist on the same frequency. Your twin flame is, once again, your soul’s counterpart- your yin to your yang or yang to your yin. During the meditation, you may have visions, images or spoken insights into your bond and subsequent life purpose. You may see scenes of yourself together involved in some cause or activity, or you may see a symbol appear in your mind’s eye. However it presents itself, you will have this “inner knowing” that this is what you are supposed to do together. Your cells may even start to shake and you could have a kundalini rush or awakening. The psychological and spiritual effects of your awareness of a shared mission during the T. F. Meditation can be truly breathtaking.
  • Intuition, psychic or spiritual awareness, and a sense of healing: Finally, your whole being may get an “upgrade.” You can also feel extremely independent after a T. F. Meditation due to the process itself being very clearing, aligning and healing. There is an energetic dance which occurs when you connect with your twin, and this can lead to many revelations, activations of gifts, sparks in consciousness, physical sensations, or feelings of being healed and whole within. In short, it may be an awakening or mystical experience.

Creating the Space: Key Preparations for A Successful Meditation

twin flame meditation healing connection communication

To really receive the benefits of the Twin Flame Meditation it is important that you create a sacred space and align yourself. To align is to center or ‘become in tune with.’ You want to get in tune so you can attune to all the wonderful effects the meditation wishes to bring forth.

Here’s how to do this:-

  1. Create a sacred space with incense or some cleansing oil, herb or resin-like frankincense, an essential oil or sage. Make sure you won’t be disturbed and check your lighting, such as having only natural sunlight or lighting candles (or any non-harmful man-made light). Get comfortable!
  2. Center yourself and set your intentions. Intention setting is really important as during the meditation you open yourself up to the universal and subtle energies available. Take some deep breaths and go within, feeling your heartbeat and energy flowing through your veins. From this space, visualize your twin flame and set your intentions for the meditation.
  3. Bring into awareness your soul and the infinite and timeless aspect of both yourself and your connection to your twin flame. In order for a successful meditation, remembering the importance of this part is essential. Your connection exists beyond and through time and space.
  4. Finally, perhaps enhance your T. F. Meditation experience with music. A background track such as binaural beats at 528 HZ, also known as the “love frequency,” can have a profound effect. Alternatively put on some gentle and soothing nature sounds or Tibetan bells and chimes or singing bowls.

The Twin Flame Meditation

twin flame guided meditation

As you are already familiar with the effects, the essence and the psychological and spiritual aspects of the meditation, and how to set the stage and prepare (which is an integral aspect to the meditation itself), there is not a huge amount left to say.

After setting your intentions and doing the pre-work, which are paramount, the keys for the actual meditation are to bring your awareness to the main points of your connection and bond. The twin flame bond is unique and your love is eternal. Combining conscious breathing with visualization and focused intention will allow for a powerful Twin Flame Meditation, and hopefully, magnetize your twin flame to you in the very near future.

Here are the key points to remember:

  • You can only attract your twin flame once you are healed and whole within. You need to be spiritually mature and open and have done some previous ‘work’ (self- healing and development) on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.
  • The twin flame bond is not like the soulmate connection. They are similar and you and your twin flame certainly do have some shared elements from a soulmate love, however- your twin flame is your soul’s counterpart. You are like duality, yin and yang.
  • The essence of the meditation itself is to bring your awareness to aspects of the twin flame connection you wish to enhance. For example, you already share a telepathic connection; so focusing on your telepathic connection will expand it. You are already emotionally and mentally entwined, so using the power of your mind to experience this during meditation, and expand it, creates your intentions’ effect. Your souls already know each other, so connecting to your own soul or inner spirit energizes the connection. Ultimately, breathing and setting your intentions are all you need, however refocusing during the length of the meditation and turning your conscious awareness to the various elements, are what creates the experience and expands the connection altogether.
  • Visualization can be used to amplify any aspect of the twin flame connection. You can also connect to your higher self, higher mind or soul with the intention of seeking guidance, advice or divine assistance. If you seek clarity on your shared life purpose together, like when you will meet or what work and self-healing you have left to do before you can come together with your twin – just ask! See the meditation as being in an energetic and holographic chamber where god, spirit, source or the universe wishes to help you. The universe is always conspiring in your favor, so simply connect and open yourself up to the twin flame energy already present within and allow the universe to work its magic.

To conclude this article… always remember that the twin flame connection is a beautiful and magical thing. It exists on a higher dimension of consciousness and once you find your twin flame, you will realize just how karmic all your past relationships were.

If ever in doubt, repeat this mantra: “I am a magician, not a muggle… I am immortal, not a mortal. Me and my twin flame exist on a magical plane!”

Grace Gabriella Puskas is a Reiki master teacher and a published author who lives in Lincolnshire, U.K. She completed her diploma at "The School of Natural Sciences" and is a qualified Dream Therapist, Chi Kung Practitioner, Crystal Therapist & a Shamanic Practitioner.  Currently, she leads a number of workshops, circles, events on self - empowerment, spiritual development & psychic development and regularly offers psychic readings to people. Grace is the author of 'A Message from Source,' (An Amazon published physical book) and loves writing to several top magazines.

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