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What Is The Spiritual Law Of Decree & How to Use It

The Spiritual law of Decree…

Have you ever wondered, what is this?

Well, what is the spiritual law of decree? How does it work? How do you practice and use the spiritual law of decree in life? Well, let us find out today in this article..

What is the Spiritual law of Decree?

the Spiritual law of Decree
Ian Burt via Flickr cc2.0

To put it simply, the Law of Decree is a spiritual law that states whatever you want to be, while following certain natural rules, you can receive by “decreeing it.”

To some, the word decree would bring images of a monarch on a throne, directing the subjects of their kingdom in whatever way they please. No matter how crazy their demands, their subjects carry out what ever orders they decide to make known.

To a certain extent, you would be correct in thinking this. Just like a monarch, the Law of Decree demonstrates how you have the power to direct your subjects to complete whatever tasks you desire. In this situation, your willing subjects are your energy.

Now that doesn’t mean you can go around making demands of people and expecting not to get met with well-meaning bewilderment. Being a monarch comes with great power and great responsibility. Yes a decree has the power to manipulate great energies but with that comes the responsibility to use it for the highest good of all. If you do not do this, unexpected consequences are sure to arise.

A king or queen still has to emit the aura of authority through their thoughts and actions. A successful monarch must be prepared to bear the responsibility of such power. For a while, this power was only thought to be possessed by the wearer of the crown. The Law of Decree denotes that all beings can exercise this power, regardless of their position upon the sociopolitical ladder.

Understanding The Spiritual Law of Decree:

Understanding The Spiritual Law of Decree:

To understand how to use the Law of Decree in your own life, you must take on a perspective that positions you in control of all of the pieces and aspects of your life.

For example, imagine yourself as a monarch. If you only acknowledge your responsibility over one part of your kingdom and leave the rest up to unknown forces, then these forces may gain more power and steer your people in direction that you do not intend.

Taking this responsibility is difficult at first. However, it is crucial because issuing an effective decree takes an awareness of all the aspects your will can control. We are energetic and spiritual beings. This means that we can control and work with other energetic and spiritual entities.

Countless people achieve these great feats every day; meanwhile, many of us have come to the conclusion we could never change, work with, or manipulate energy. Even tasks that we know we need to complete in order to create the life we truly desire, we do not finish and relinquish our responsibility over to outside sources.

It is true that it is incredibly difficult to have conscious control over every aspect of our daily lives, but that isn’t the point. The law of decree is all about taking responsibility for what we can control and working in tandem with the spiritual forces over all so that they can handle what we cannot.

Faith in The Unknown:

God, Allah, Spirit, and Source are all names used to describe the force that guides and works with us in our daily lives.

No matter what you believe, there is no denying that there are things you can’t consciously control. Working with the Law of Decree fully embraces that fact by trusting in it to guide you down the path where your limited awareness no longer can make a confident decision backed by what you know.

Your confidence now comes from the unknown.

Faith in The Known:

Just like having faith in what you don’t know, you must have faith in what you do know to effectively issue a decree.

A king that mumbles and is unsure of their knowledge is sure to broadcast that energy to their subjects. The word confidence is made up of the Latin prefix, com – that means together and the Latin root, fides which means trust.

As a monarch without firm confidence or trust in yourself, whatever you attempt to decree will be sure to eventually result in a crumbling kingdom.

Being in the physical world, you build the foundation and structure for the unknown forces to work through you. With great confidence in the unknown and the known, you become unstoppable.

How do You Integrate The Known and Unknown?

To grasp the full meaning of the Law of Decree, you must have a connection between what you know and what you don’t know.

The Decree is part of 3 different types of statements. There is the prayer, the declaration, and the decree.

  • The prayer used to verbalize the want for things to change.
  • The declaration is simply acknowledging the power of what is already known to be true.
  • Most importantly, the decree is used to bridge the gap between what is seen to be and what is desired to be seen into being.

The power of a decree is expressed through it’s limited nature. Most of it’s power is felt through the unseen forces, so it doesn’t need to be repeated multiple times.

Decree Example Prayer

I now decree all energy that negatively influences my ideal lifestyle of abundant love, wealth, and prosperity be released in favor of positive energy that is now allowed to flow through my thoughts and actions. I am eternally grateful for the divine guidance of source through all known and unknown circumstances experienced before, during, and after the attainment of the results of this decree within the highest good of all. It is done.

It is totally fine to use a pre-written decree or to create your own. The main thing to remember is that you are invoking some extremely potent power, so be sure in what you would like to set into motion. Also, since this power comes with responsibility, be sure to make it known that you desire for your decree to be carried out with the highest good of all.

How to use the Spiritual Law of Decree? Step By Step explanation on How to Form and Use a Decree

  1. Understand the situation you would like to see changed.
  2. Understand the situation you would like to create.
  3. Understand that you now are invoking your authority over the forces of the universe, so ask for your decree to be done with the highest good of all.
  4. Write it down on a sheet of paper and repeat it 3x aloud.
  5. Optional: Fold the paper 3 times, making sure to turn the paper clockwise after each fold. Burn the paper.
  6. Believe to be done.
  7. In the time after doing so, watch for the opportunities for you to take advantage of, for the changes to be made to your situation.

Go ahead and take control of your life. Sit in your throne and create your own decrees. Be ready for some changes to occur and keep a journal to write down what you experience. I wish you all the best!

Caleb Smith is a metaphysical practitioner who lives in Charlotte North Carolina. He researches metaphysical and spiritual texts to combine the knowledge with his own experience. This usually is manifested in writings, music, YouTube videos, and advice given through his counseling sessions. Caleb currently leads a breathwork class teaching attendants the miracles of the breath and how to direct the life-giving breath into self-improvement.