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Can You Use Blue Mascara for Brown Eyes? Explore 5 Best Looks

Who says that jet-black mascara is the only look that suits your brown eyes?!

While black mascara has been a long-time favorite, colorful mascaras are slowly taking over social media and becoming a favorite among women who love to try out vibrant ideas. One such colorful mascara is the cool-looking blue mascara. But does it look good on brown eyes? Can you wear the blue mascara if you have brown or hazel eyes?

Well, don’t worry the blue mascaras can be handy for festivals and parties + they can be worn super casually – especially if you have brown eyes! Here’s how.

Blue Mascara for Brown Eyes: Does it Look Good?

Can You Use Blue Mascara for Brown Eyes? Explore 5 Best Looks

Yes Indeed! Blue mascara will not only draw attention to your brown eyes, but it will also brighten the whites of your eyes and make you look more awake and alert!

Since it’s a contrasting color, blue mascara will complement chocolate-colored eyes and skin tones, the best. Besides, it will intensify your eye color and make it look even more majestic. Thus wearing a blue-colored mascara will suit your brown eyes perfectly while boosting your confidence and allowing you to have fun.

So no matter what the shade of your brown eyes is, trying a blue mascara could make your eyes pop and may give them a subtle sparkle.

How To Wear And Apply Blue Mascara on Brown Eyes?

If this is your first time trying out blue mascara, make sure you do your makeup properly but also have some fun with it! Here are some tips:

Step 1: Figure out the mascara you want to get. You can go for loads of different undertones, such as pastel blue, navy blue, or baby blue. However, make sure the color you chose naturally complements the shade of your brown eyes. Once you find a color you like, it’s time to do your eyeshadow!

Step 2: Since blue is a vibrant color, a neutral eyeshadow base paired with some shimmering champagne or gold eyeshadow will make your brown eyes pop. Apply your beige shadow with your fingers, follow up with a lash curler, and intensify your natural lashes.

Step 3: Once you curl your lashes add 2-3 coats of blue mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Keep the rest of your makeup subtle with a nude lip and soft contour, as well as subtle bronzed cheeks that match your brown eyes.

5 Gorgeous Blue Mascara Makeup Looks for Your Brown Eyes: Try Out ASAP

1. Blue mascara + winged liner

If you have brown eyes and are a fan of dramatic makeup ideas, this makeup concept will intrigue you. You can go for a nude/beige eyeshadow color in your crease and add drama and smokiness with your favorite blue-colored liner.

Once you wing it out, intensify it even more with blue mascara! Coat your top and bottom lashes, and finish the look with nude lipstick. This combination of blue mascara and blue liner, will beautifully highlight your brown eyes, making them stand out. This type of makeup will look the best for clubs and nightouts.

2. Simple pop of blue

Some women don’t love to go all out and might need makeup inspiration for everyday wear. If you’re a brown-eyed girl and are a low-maintenance and low-key person, check out this light blue makeup look!

It compliments dark eyes and dark skin tones the best + it looks good even without any foundation or concealer on top. You’ll achieve this look in less than five minutes with your favorite blue mascara, which makes it perfect for busy moms or those who are always on the go.

3. Graphic eyeliner and blue mascara

This is another best blue mascara makeup looks you can try on your brown eyes. Makeup pros and makeup enthusiasts will want to try this design. It is a makeup look that brings attention to your brown eyes, yet it is a time-consuming look to recreate.

You will need a brown eyeshadow in your crease, along with a shimmery glitter on top. Draw a graphic 3-D liner on the outer corners by using a precise angled brush. Clean up the look with a Q-tip and sharpen the edges with a concealer. Once you’re satisfied with the shape add blue mascara on top. Go with a glossy lip to make the look ‘juicy’!

4. Fluffy lashes

Did you know you can also coat your lash extensions and false eyelashes in a fun blue color?! Yes, whether you have dark brown eyes or medium brown eyes or even light brown eyes, eyelash extensions flawlessly enhance any shade of brown eyes.

So, women who tend to get bored of the same lash look can spice it up by adding individual lashes on top of their natural lashes, or even on top of their lash extensions. You can also add some false lashes to your bottom lash line. Keep the shadow neutral and warm-toned, and go crazy with the blue mascara itself! This fluffy and feathery blue lash will look amazing in pictures alongside your beautiful brown eyes.

5. Gemstone and glitter makeup

With brown eyes, you may sometimes feel that they are dim and dull. If that’s the case, this look is the best idea for you. Also, if you watched Euphoria there’s a big chance you’ll like this glittery look! Women who love parties, Coachella, festivals, or just glitz and glamour will like the vibe.

Simply coat your lashes in blue mascara, and add silver glitter shadow to your inner corner. Next, use a couple of small gemstones and place them with a pair of tweezers over your crease and just below your eyebrow. Use a pair of clean tweezers, along with an eyelash glue. Wait for your gemstones to dry down and you’ll be good to go! Thus the blue mascara alongside these shiny gemstones will definitely add a touch of glittery vibe to your plain-looking brownish eyes.

Top 4 Best Blue Mascara Brands for Brown Eyes

1. Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! – Benefit BADGal Bang is a well-known and popular mascara brand to try on your brown eyes. This blue mascara promises to last up to 36 hours while adding volume and pigment to your eyelashes. It contains aero-particles, some of the lightest particles ever, making it a comfortable mascara to wear every day. It lifts the lashes and dehydrates them, while the product itself is considered a medium-priced mascara, and goes for $16.

2. Shiseido Controlledchaos Mascaraink – Shiseido is a Japanese high-end brand, and it is brand that suits women who love to splurge when it comes to their makeup! This blue mascara in Sapphire Spark color is a smudge-proof mascara, and it has an interesting brush end. The product itself is $25, while the shade is rich and navy blue. It promises to give +250% volume and +47% length in just one coat.

3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Washable Mascara – Maybelline mascaras are pioneers in the beauty and cosmetics industry, while this blue mist mascara itself promises volume, length, definition, and curls! It is a buildable mascara that is waterproof, meaning you can wear it effortlessly, even when at the pool! It is suitable for all brown eyes and it isn’t too hard to remove either. It is super affordable as well (only $9), making it a must-have for everyone’s budget.

4. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara – Lastly, why not go for a true ‘cobalt blue’ mascara from Loreal, and embrace your fluffy lashes?! This mascara will give you volume while being smudge-proof and easy to apply. It complements perfectly for brown eyes + it can build your lashes up to 5x their natural thickness. You will have highly pigmented clump-free lashes for less than $10, making this product suitable for most women with brownish eyes!

Ready to go with Blue Mascara for your Brown eyes?

Are you eager to experiment and play with some of these makeup ideas?!

Blue mascara can be used by anyone who wants to have fun. Want to try out some of these top five cool makeup looks? If so, which one? Let us know, we can’t wait to see it on you!

Ajla Suceska is a Certified make up artist and a professional Nail Technician who lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has successfully completed 3 distinct make up diplomas and also worked as makeup artist in Etre Belle (A German makeup brand). Besides being a professional makeup artist, and a nail tech, she loves writing beauty articles and contributed to a number of top websites online. In simple, Ajla Suceska is a 23-year old beauty expert who simply lives and breathes fashion and beauty